A Poem for My Mother 2017

If we need to talk about mother’s love
Then yours is everything that is grand, pure and sweet
Which has nourished and lifted me up
Thru all life’s ups and downs

The day I left for the faraway land
You carried one more burden of missing your children
On your slender shoulders
As delicate as the words you wove into poems
And blew across the Pacific ocean

Despite all the burdens and suppression
Imposed upon you by a conservative society
You strove and lived on
Like a lotus rising above the mud
Like a buttercup glowing in the green grass
Like an eagle soaring in the sky

In the chaotic time that we live in
Where the handmaids march on the streets of Texas
And Princess Ida cries again on the stage
For women’s rights to education and independence
You are an exemplar who inspires me
To have a free spirit, an open mind,
And be a strong willed woman

You are honey and hammer to me
And you will always be.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom
And all the mothers of the past,
the present, and the future!

We Will Be Free

Because I need to go to work
for a living I get up
and change every day
a bit of me’s dying the way
we get closer to death
as time goes by

Because you were old and
socially revered I stayed
and endured your immoral behavior
the days red flamboyants
rushed Summers to come
my dreams were enormous and I
was not yet hunted by my fury
my unfathomable submission
to the devil-turned grandfather

The universe is vast
and I’m so small
I must have been traveling
very long on this journey
so that I’m here
and you’re now with me

I wish I could be integrated
into the universe
I would be the words
for you to utter a powerful No

I would be the light
to rescue you from swallowing
the darkness in a brothel
in Thailand or Cambodia

I would be your impregnability
to defend you against the rapists
in a Uber taxi
or on a public bus

I would be the soothing music
to heal your souls

I would be the beautiful flowers
to put smiles on your faces

I would be
I would be

And we will be free
We will be free