Anniversary 2017

for SG

If time in this world is infinite
I will ceaselessly swim in your cadences
Let your impeccable sense of direction
lead us to every sunset over the mountain top
and your amusing sense of humor
rub off on me

If time in this world lasts only a day
I will treasure every minute with you
every rose I get, every word you utter
every yearning, every gaze, every chance
to spiral your soul and unwrap
layer after layer of it

If time in this world stands still
we will be caught in a passionate hug
I listen to your rhythmical heart beat
Inhale every particle emanating from you
while the fragrance of roses suspended in the air
we are locked in an eternal frozen embrace

Random Thoughts 10.22.2015

I lowered the window and
caught the last light of the day

The Autumn wind was caressing
my skin as I gazed at the sun
cascading into the night painting
the sky in orange and purple hues

While my heart beat arrythmically
the physical time steadily ticked
forward but my psychological time
kept slipping away!

Since they say future time is
potentially infinite I envision
staring at the same sun
descending into a sea of golden clouds

countless times in space and time
wondering who I will be
how I will feel
and what I will contemplate

when these memories have faded
nightmares have been broken
worries have turned to thin air

I hope there will be
brighter versions of me
carried away in the sun light
thousands of years from now

I Journeyed against the Shadow of Time (Cento) – Tôi Đi Ngược Bóng Thời Gian

I was inspired to write this cento after chatting with the Vietnamese blogger – phibi. If you can read Vietnamese, I highly recommend his poetry 🙂

This poem is made up of verses written by several well-known Vietnamese poets in the 40s and 60s – those italicized.


I Journeyed against the Shadow of Time (a cento)

I journeyed against
the shadow of Time
without the magical Tardis
looking for the very first people
falling in love on earth

I journeyed against the
shadow of Time
smiling with the sunshine
surprised at how time flies
The blue dress won’t stay blue
forever dancing
on the deserted hill

I listen to Time slipping
between my fingers
My memories fade
like a pebble
falling down the empty well

The color of Time
is not blue
It is violet

Credits: Thanh Tâm Tuyền, Tuệ Sỹ, Văn Cao, Đoàn Phú Tứ


Tôi Đi Ngược Bóng Thời Gian

Tôi đi ngược bóng
thời gian không cần chiếc
Tardis thần kỳ tìm về
những người thứ nhất
trên trái đất này
biết yêu nhau

Tôi đi ngược bóng
thời gian cười với nắng
một ngày sao chóng thế
Áo màu xanh không
xanh mãi trên
đồi hoang

Lắng nghe thời gian qua
kẽ tay kỷ niệm trong tôi
như tiếng sỏi
trong lòng giếng cạn

Màu thời gian không
xanh màu thời gian
tím ngát

Credits: Thanh Tâm Tuyền, Tuệ Sỹ, Văn Cao, Đoàn Phú Tứ


It’s shining on the diamond ring
It’s crying in my Solitude
It’s pretty in the Blue dress
It’s expressing in Red

The crow’s feet in your smiles
The falling leaves in the Autumn
The drought in your body
The stent in your artery

It’s traveling with the Tardis
It’s treasured in Croce’s bottle
It’s rejected in Einstein’s theory
It’s warped by gravity

The biggest constraint in our lives
The one and only
one way path
How are we going to pass
the Time?