Once upon a
time, there was a
girl who was crazy
about Charles Bukowski.

she read his
novels, she read tons
of his poems,
she read him
until she
was set free
from worries, stresses,
and trivialities
of life.

his carefree attitude,
his brutal honesty
showing our bare souls,
our shortcomings,
our fierce desires,
the dark side of
our hearts
set her
set her

Happy 98th birthday, Charles Bukowski.

Tết / Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Từ Lâm Temple. Feb. 2018

This morning
I was walking in the park
Thinking about the lunar new year celebration

The yellow apricot blossoms
The sticky rice cakes
The áo dài flaps swinging in the air

And the 17 students shot
At a Florida public school yesterday.
Life is an endless cycle

I stared at the pink cherry blossoms
And the amazing blue sky
Reflected in the creek
And I said to myself

Happy Tết 2018!

I’m Good Enough

Will you love me
Despite all my bad wont?
Will you like me
When I’m grumpy and clumsy?
Will you befriend me
Now that I expose my flaws?
‘Cause nobody is perfect
And I’m good enough

Describe to me
Your wildest dreams
Share with me
Your deepest thoughts
Connect with me
On the dark side of my heart
‘Cause nobody is perfect
And I’m good enough

48th Anniversary 

You set foot on an unknown path assuming
It would be lined with roses and poetry
It turned out it was not like honey and nectar
But you went on since it was a fact of life

You endured all the hardships on the way
The days without electricity
The floor flooded with water when it was pouring outside
The allocation of food and water

You lived and dreamed of a brighter future
Sustained by the fruits grown on the path
Oh how fresh and delighted and adorable
You sucked them in and overcame
All the adversities in life.

Happy 48th Anniversary to Mom and Dad!

Jan 1st 2016

The New Year’s day
Is filled with fireworks
Rainbow lights and confetti
Meeting old friends and warm wishes

The ghosts of the past
Are fortunately far away
Yet the ghosts of the future
Miserably keep haunting me

Where are my new year’s resolutions?
Where are my colorful dreams?
Long gone are the days
I thought I could control my body

Let them explode –
Thoughts about old age and sickness
Let them transform into new kinds 
Of energy and dreams for me.

Happy New Year 2016!


Interactions of brain cells in the brain
Thoughts and their power
They teleport you to places
They control your feelings
And make you happy
Or drive you mad

Like streaks of crystal sunlight
Shining thru the clouds
Rare flashes of thought
That you need to catch right away
Never let them fade away

They come in waves
They sneak into your dreams
And take you on
unexpected paths

Thoughts about life
Thoughts about death
Thoughts that will elevate
your current life
or land you a better
spot in your next?

Ever thought of controlling
your thoughts?