I’m Dreaming of the Spring

I’m dreaming of the Spring
when I’m healthy and happy in a pretty dress
walking among the green grass
singing with the yellow willows
listening to the song of the Universe

I let my mind wander to the Spring
and be infused with Nature’s spirit
celebrating Spring with the Spring Goddess
let her soothe my pains
and calm my mind
when it seems an obstacle
for me to get outdoors

Sucking in the beauty of the pink tulips
against the background of the pine trees
which reach far to the blue sky
out of the windows from my bedside
I’m dreaming of the Spring

California Feb. 2016

Pink Tulip

Journal Entry 11.30.2015

It was raining when I was driving to Los Gatos Medical Center. For an abdomen ultrasound.
I glimpsed the movements of my organs on the screen. Wondering how harmoniously they must work in concert for my body to function well. As a whole.
At one point I heard the sound of oxygen flowing to my left lung. It sounded funny. A lone instrument from my orchestra.

Raining in November
I wish the rain
would cleanse all sorrows,
sins and impurities

So this world would be purified
and its heart prepared
to celebrate the holiday seasons
in love and in peace!

I Want to Love Life

If love is the universal force
to revolve the earth
then music is the magical power
to enliven our hearts

Whenever I’m physically sick
it is music which murmurs
the unspeakable and infuses
my heart with an ocean of life

I want to love life
the same way
as I love you

As a new-born baby
bursts out its first cry
As the mountain makes love
to the falling clouds

I want to love life as if
I had never been alive before