Anniversary 2017

for SG

If time in this world is infinite
I will ceaselessly swim in your cadences
Let your impeccable sense of direction
lead us to every sunset over the mountain top
and your amusing sense of humor
rub off on me

If time in this world lasts only a day
I will treasure every minute with you
every rose I get, every word you utter
every yearning, every gaze, every chance
to spiral your soul and unwrap
layer after layer of it

If time in this world stands still
we will be caught in a passionate hug
I listen to your rhythmical heart beat
Inhale every particle emanating from you
while the fragrance of roses suspended in the air
we are locked in an eternal frozen embrace

Valentine’s Day 2017

Santa Cruz - July 2016 ©
Santa Cruz – July 2016 ©

We met somewhere in the movie
Where the Disney princess has unbelievably long golden hair
Which could heal injuries and keep you young forever
I wish I could borrow her hair
To mend my broken soul

We met somewhere among the clouds
Where we were day dreaming about love and life
Until we both fell off to reality
And one of us giggled

We met somewhere at Waikiki beach
Where time was adventurously stretched
And the passage of events were carved
Into layers of our cherished memories

We met somewhere between the lines
When silence became words
And we keep reading and writing our lives
Together all the way

Where the River Flows to the Ocean

Mendocino, where the river flows to the ocean
Mendocino, where the river flows to the ocean – Aug 2016

Where the river flows to the ocean
The beginning and the end intertwine
Life goes full cycle and meets death
Day ends to start night
Yet the life force is eternal
Like the day you said
You love me

Mendocino Aug. 2015
I re-posted this piece and added a new picture I took of the Big River beach on account of my recent trip back to Mendocino.

Vernal Equinox 2016

To S.G.

The babbling creek is calling out
your name in the park

The apple blossoms are blooming
in full

So white they purify
my missing you

You’re not here and I celebrate
Spring equinox

As quietly as the mind
I try to achieve

I listen to the universe
and contemplate

*All in one
and one in all*

Happy first day of Spring!

*from The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhất Hạnh

Valentine’s Day 2016

Pink Roses

for SG

If the mind is the vastest
It can’t be vaster than your patience with me
If the soul is the deepest
It can’t be deeper than your love for me

I thought no one’s love
would be as unconditional
and exquisite as my mother’s love
but you have refuted it

The air is filled with your love
whenever we are apart
I reach out and touch the essence of it
and you’re there for me

You’ve said you’re happy with me
in this life and next
And I would like to see
us being enlightened

Seeing our true selves
beyond words and material world
will be the grandest and holiest
accomplishment of our love thru time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anniversary 2015

for us

As day crowns night in ecstasy
so does love our marriage

If our hearts and souls have darkness
we have stripped them naked

We are so close yet also so far apart
in which distance we have grown and expanded

We have tasted all the fruits of life
however sweet or sour they may arrive

We have danced the melody of the night waves
and awaken to the breathtaking sunrise
over the blue ocean

Your love breathes warmth and sweetness
into my life

Your enduring patience has comforted me
thru pain and adversity

May our marriage last
thru the silence and tumult
of life
and time

A Song of Love

You catch the tears from my eyes
and turn them into beautiful flowers

Picking up scattered pieces
of my broken heart
you build a heart-shaped crystal
sparkling in my palm

You spark the thoughts
flashing in my brain
and ignite a coup de foudre

You sing the song
springing in my joyful heart

Drink the smiles
anchored on my lips

Kiss the bliss
radiating from my eyes

we travel to the moon and Mars
and plant the seeds of love

You and I are life