This Summer the pear tree bears no fruit
The lemons don’t seem to be wiling to ripe
And the lakes are all dried up

You told me the things I wanted to hear
but did not initiate any change to that
My words fell into the void

Haunted by the dreaded future,
I heard my screams floating in the air
And the wind carried my fear to infinity

The Deserts

Joshua Tree National Park – Mar 2017 

The high winds were blowing thru the stone mountains on the deserts
Stirring the fragile yellow cups on the sand
And shaking the unusually long spikes of the pink ocotillo

I stood breathing in the life of the deserts
Trembling inside
Imagining all the rich life forces going on days and nights

Reckoning how hard the cacti, the joshua trees, the caterpillars
Compete for water and food and sunlight
I felt a wave of gratefulness

The call of love and life was somewhere between the blue sky
And the laughter of the boys climbing the yellow stone mountain peaks
Pleasingly I moved on.


Santa Cruz - July 2016 ©
Santa Cruz – July 2016 ©

We met somewhere in the movie
Where the Disney princess has unbelievably long golden hair
Which could heal injuries and keep you young forever
I wish I could borrow her hair
To mend my broken soul

We met somewhere among the clouds
Where we were day dreaming about love and life
Until we both fell off to reality
And one of us giggled

We met somewhere at Waikiki beach
Where time was adventurously stretched
And the passage of events were carved
Into layers of our cherished memories

We met somewhere between the lines
When silence became words
And we keep reading and writing our lives
Together all the way


Photo Art by Temy Hoang

Sometimes the sky is so blue
It embodies all hopes in the universe

Many a time the joy is so overwhelming
You even find your competitors pleasant

Once in a while the pain is so unbearable
No tears can ever relieve it

At times you come across a poem so deep
Not one individual soul can ever grasp it

Forever you are so beautiful
I can never love any one else in like manner

Cold Feet

Cold feet
Warm hearts
The immaculate half moon light
shining over Santa Cruz beach
on a cold Winter night

I heard your unspoken thoughts
in the soothing wave
I felt your unexpressed feelings
in the ocean breeze
I saw your not-done-yet actions
in the horizon

They warmed me up
like the memory of my sweet grandma
in the beautiful town
like the sweet taste of the star apple fruit
on my tongue
like the innocent days of the past

They opened a passage
to my heart

Nov. 2011

Love #5

The world vapored
All life burdens were thin air
All worries vanished
No more question
To live or not to live
Just you and me
In love


Somehow these verses came to my mind in Vietnamese at the same time, without translation of course. It had never occurred to me earlier, even though I wrote poems in Vietnamese before.
Here you go, the Vietnamese version…


Thế giới bốc hơi
Mọi lo toan giờ chỉ là những làn sương mỏng
Không vướng víu
Đời đáng sống hay không đáng sống
Chỉ có tình yêu
và Em
Nhẹ nhàng như hơi thở

Tề My
Hè 2015