The Meanings of Life

The grey clouds weigh on me
from the sky and gloom over
the Bay Area

A cloudy day bends thoughts
and twists viewpoints
into the cynical

I need to be reinforced
life is beautiful and meaningful
as long as I endow meanings to it

Be it a good cause
an intellectual achievement
an indestructible love…

So long as I strive for it
Chase it
Live with it

More than one time I thought
I had caught it in my palm
but then it slipped away by the tail

and disappeared into the fog…
and the journey goes on
just like that

Until I seize the moment
and see life in its
full spectrum of colors

What a wonderful world!

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! 🙂

We Fear Death

We fear death
the bottomless abyss

The eternal destruction
of personal existence

The mortality of the
immortality of youth

Or do we fear the dying process?

Inhale and exhale
and we step into the darkness

They say you should prepare
for your death while living

In ways such that death comes
as a bud is going to bloom

A lion is roaring in the woods
A breeze is rattling in the air

That’s how I want to face death-
like I’m coming home

Random Thoughts 10.22.2015

I lowered the window and
caught the last light of the day

The Autumn wind was caressing
my skin as I gazed at the sun
cascading into the night painting
the sky in orange and purple hues

While my heart beat arrythmically
the physical time steadily ticked
forward but my psychological time
kept slipping away!

Since they say future time is
potentially infinite I envision
staring at the same sun
descending into a sea of golden clouds

countless times in space and time
wondering who I will be
how I will feel
and what I will contemplate

when these memories have faded
nightmares have been broken
worries have turned to thin air

I hope there will be
brighter versions of me
carried away in the sun light
thousands of years from now

It’s so Pure Your Heart

It’s so soft when I stroke your hair
It’s ardent when I think about you
It’s cherished how you care for me
It’s so blue
your eyes
It’s so light
your skin
It’s so pure
your heart

I had thought it may have been hard
to meet soul to soul
I being a traditional Asian girl
you of European descent

But East does meet West
somewhere in the air
like yin contains yang in its elements
like the light is not without the shadow
like the nothingness exists in the being
We turned out perfectly
since you are beautifully