I’m Good Enough

Will you love me
Despite all my bad wont?
Will you like me
When I’m grumpy and clumsy?
Will you befriend me
Now that I expose my flaws?
‘Cause nobody is perfect
And I’m good enough

Describe to me
Your wildest dreams
Share with me
Your deepest thoughts
Connect with me
On the dark side of my heart
‘Cause nobody is perfect
And I’m good enough

And I was Re-born

I used to shoot for the stars
make countless plans
and live for the future

But reality knocked me out
I tumbled to the ground
and was taken to the hospital
They drew my blood
and searched for a virus
They performed MRIs, X-rays, EKGs
I saw thru my brain, my lung, my heart

I was over burdened with myself
They finally pronounced

It came as a shock but which
enlightened me
I decidedly discarded myself
more than half of it
and I was re-born

Now I dance with the stars
hug the trees
eat the air
I want to love my life
and gobble up words
in the boundless world of imagination