This Summer the pear tree bears no fruit
The lemons don’t seem to be wiling to ripe
And the lakes are all dried up

You told me the things I wanted to hear
but did not initiate any change to that
My words fell into the void

Haunted by the dreaded future,
I heard my screams floating in the air
And the wind carried my fear to infinity

Where the River Flows to the Ocean

Mendocino, where the river flows to the ocean
Mendocino, where the river flows to the ocean – Aug 2016

Where the river flows to the ocean
The beginning and the end intertwine
Life goes full cycle and meets death
Day ends to start night
Yet the life force is eternal
Like the day you said
You love me

Mendocino Aug. 2015
I re-posted this piece and added a new picture I took of the Big River beach on account of my recent trip back to Mendocino.

The Lone Tree

The Dragon mountain at sunset

Parched in the sunlight,

Witnessing the passage of time,

The small tree stands by itself

On the Dragon mountain peak

Contemplating its loneliness-

An unavoidable condition

Of its existence.

Does it ever have

Any sense of belonging?

Does it ever feel free?

The tree stands bearing

Life’s impermanence

Lakes will vaporize

Green grasses will turn golden

Spring comes and goes

Prisoners of Time.


Vernal Equinox 2016

To S.G.

The babbling creek is calling out
your name in the park

The apple blossoms are blooming
in full

So white they purify
my missing you

You’re not here and I celebrate
Spring equinox

As quietly as the mind
I try to achieve

I listen to the universe
and contemplate

*All in one
and one in all*

Happy first day of Spring!

*from The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhất Hạnh

Random Thoughts 3.12.2016

The Leaf. Feb. 2016

to uncle H. Bui

“You’ll be on my mind forever”
Norah Jones’ sultry voice playing
on the smart phone while I was
walking in the Winter rain
made me think about you, uncle

You’re right. There are encounters
in life that you will never forget
and relationships that seem
to never be ended even when
you don’t keep in touch any more

The geese have been back to the park
The grass is beautifully green this year
The white dandelion is shy in the breeze
Spring seems to be here early

Here comes new life
New relationship
New beginning
Let’s be hopeful
for the best!

California Feb. 2016





I’m Dreaming of the Spring

I’m dreaming of the Spring
when I’m healthy and happy in a pretty dress
walking among the green grass
singing with the yellow willows
listening to the song of the Universe

I let my mind wander to the Spring
and be infused with Nature’s spirit
celebrating Spring with the Spring Goddess
let her soothe my pains
and calm my mind
when it seems an obstacle
for me to get outdoors

Sucking in the beauty of the pink tulips
against the background of the pine trees
which reach far to the blue sky
out of the windows from my bedside
I’m dreaming of the Spring

California Feb. 2016

Pink Tulip