What dreams could you have living in the shabby,
cursed house where even the spirits
were suppressed and choked to death?

Figuring I could not go beyond
the books I read, the movies I saw,
the life I was living
I went with the flow
my dreams lingering in the air

And then you came
Of a few dreams which soared to the sky
and others that died un-materialized
you’re better than the best dream
I’ve ever had

The Red Leaves

Red Leaves in the Park. Aug 2016

As if they had had enough of Summer
The leaves turned red
Amid the hot and dry desert-like weather
Depressing Summer lovers who visit the park

I don’t mean to block the arrival of Fall
Nor freeze the breathtaking sunset
Over the Summer mountain top

But I’ll record the mooing of the black cows
Grazing along the vast golden hills
Under the rainbow clouds at sunset;

The maneuver of the beautiful blue jay
Around the serene open space preserve
Filled with red woods and oak trees
And the smell of sun-burned grasses

I’ll view them over and over again
Since I cannot hold back the time
And Fall is coming

I Want to Love Life

If love is the universal force
to revolve the earth
then music is the magical power
to enliven our hearts

Whenever I’m physically sick
it is music which murmurs
the unspeakable and infuses
my heart with an ocean of life

I want to love life
the same way
as I love you

As a new-born baby
bursts out its first cry
As the mountain makes love
to the falling clouds

I want to love life as if
I had never been alive before