What dreams could you have living in the shabby,
cursed house where even the spirits
were suppressed and choked to death?

Figuring I could not go beyond
the books I read, the movies I saw,
the life I was living
I went with the flow
my dreams lingering in the air

And then you came
Of a few dreams which soared to the sky
and others that died un-materialized
you’re better than the best dream
I’ve ever had

Random Thoughts on Sept 1, 2016

September has finally rolled in
amid the cool air in the Bay area.
Are you sure the leaves
will turn yellow soon?

The reunion had me reminiscing
about the many autumns past
when dreams were flowing
like cascading waterfalls

Which dreams have been merging
into the ocean and which dreams
are submerged in the stream
aspiring to rise and to live?

Let’s bring on new dreams
in black, white and yellow skin
blooming like flowers in the Spring
as if we had never dreamed before.

Random Thoughts 1.17.2016

The green has come back to the park
thanks to the rains during the month
But it’s still as dry
as a dream having been conceived
but which has not yet been born

The frenzied ticket purchase
of the Mega Millions lottery is over
The fantasies of spending the $1.5 billion jackpot
have died but the possibilities
brought short-lived dreams
to millions of people
over the past several days

Would you rather dream
ephemeral dreams
Or live your life dreamless
for the rest of your life?

Life is but a dream after all
no matter what dream it is
isn’t it?