Having experienced all life’s
ups and downs, he accepted it

with grace. Think death.
Think life. Months, weeks,

days, hours. Two sides
of a matter. The numbers

on the screen were flickering-
blood pressure, heart rate,

respiration rate, oxygen level.
The body had fought back

all pains and illnesses until
all sufferings were gone.

Who is able to comprehend
the loss? Only tears and grief

will be lingering in the air,
contained in the hand-

crafted wooden jewelry box,
hovering over the grape vine,

mixed in the home-made
chicken parmesan years after

he’s gone to heaven
rejoice and be glad.

R.I.P, F.G.

We Fear Death

We fear death
the bottomless abyss

The eternal destruction
of personal existence

The mortality of the
immortality of youth

Or do we fear the dying process?

Inhale and exhale
and we step into the darkness

They say you should prepare
for your death while living

In ways such that death comes
as a bud is going to bloom

A lion is roaring in the woods
A breeze is rattling in the air

That’s how I want to face death-
like I’m coming home