Bicycles in the Sky

Pedal Fest - Jack London square - Oakland, CA
Pedal Fest – Jack London square – Oakland, CA

took me to the sweet lane of the past
to the age of innocence
of blackboards and white chalk
of white áo dài flaps
flying in the winds
burning dreams of the youth

bicycles in the sky
I saw myself in you
my biking thru college
under the heated sun
craving for knowledge
questioning the meaning of life

bicycles of the past
I rode you
thru years of struggling with
suppression and fear
living in a
heavily influenced confucian

bicycles in the sky
where the present met the past
let’s ride to the future
when dreams are all achieved
and love fills all hearts.

Girls in white áo dài
Girls in white áo dài

Note: The featured image is the sculpture installed for Pedal Fest – a celebration of all things bicycle. The event will be held on Jul 25th at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.