The Autumn Scent

The Autumn has come and so have the yellow leaves. I was wandering in the park, picking up the falling leaves here and there, and trying to find a scent of the Fall.

You don’t sweat much thus don’t smell at all, or rather it’s a no-smell scent, yet how I long for a specific aroma of the Autumn. To remember, or to forget and let go.

You’re gone and I can’t find it anymore. I brought home the Autumn spirit instead, while treading on the golden paths painted with layers of yellow leaves stretching far beyond the horizon.


I was inspired to write this piece after chatting with phibi. I even borrowed a few ideas from his poems.

Random Thoughts 09.30.2015

It was drizzling today
and I’m told a strong El Nino
is predicted to hit California
late this Fall and into early Winter.
The many melodies about the Fall in Hanoi
still linger in my mind

Are you the Autumn in Hanoi
I have been looking for
deep into my grey years?
Are you the Autumn in Hanoi
I’ll be back to a thousand years later
hanging on to your shadow?

The question suddenly arises
Can one go back in time
to witness the birth of oneself?
Can one go back in time
to write a birth celebration poem
for oneself?

Goodbye September,
my birthday month.

*words in italics are lyrics from the song “Có phải em mùa thu Hà Nội”

Missing the Autumn in Hanoi*

There’s a chill in the air
and it is a cloudy day
Oh how I’m overwhelmed
by nostalgic memories
of the old old days

There’s no Fall in Saigon
where I grew up
Yet I miss Hanoi in the Autumn
The melody keeps
recurring in my mind

Hanoi in the Fall
Strolling among people
I’m wondering if
I’m missing someone
The Autumn sky in Hanoi
will respond to me someday
The roads will have
the answer for me someday

Hanoi in the Autumn
The Autumn in Hanoi
How I miss someone
thus missing everyone

* the title of a popular Vietnamese pop song
The words in italics are lyrics from the song.