Fragments of Lives

Fragments of lives scattering in the air
Blown into my soul one brisk
Spring morning in the park
The old verses written over ten years past
Still flickered in my heart


Những mảnh đời vắt ngang không trung
Một hôm theo cơn gió thổi hắt vào lòng ta
Một sáng cuối xuân trời hiu hiu lạnh
Những vần thơ xưa viết hơn mươi năm trước
Vẫn âm ỉ trong lòng

Random Thoughts on Sept 1, 2016

September has finally rolled in
amid the cool air in the Bay area.
Are you sure the leaves
will turn yellow soon?

The reunion had me reminiscing
about the many autumns past
when dreams were flowing
like cascading waterfalls

Which dreams have been merging
into the ocean and which dreams
are submerged in the stream
aspiring to rise and to live?

Let’s bring on new dreams
in black, white and yellow skin
blooming like flowers in the Spring
as if we had never dreamed before.

Random Thoughts 1.17.2016

The green has come back to the park
thanks to the rains during the month
But it’s still as dry
as a dream having been conceived
but which has not yet been born

The frenzied ticket purchase
of the Mega Millions lottery is over
The fantasies of spending the $1.5 billion jackpot
have died but the possibilities
brought short-lived dreams
to millions of people
over the past several days

Would you rather dream
ephemeral dreams
Or live your life dreamless
for the rest of your life?

Life is but a dream after all
no matter what dream it is
isn’t it?

Random Thoughts 10.22.2015

I lowered the window and
caught the last light of the day

The Autumn wind was caressing
my skin as I gazed at the sun
cascading into the night painting
the sky in orange and purple hues

While my heart beat arrythmically
the physical time steadily ticked
forward but my psychological time
kept slipping away!

Since they say future time is
potentially infinite I envision
staring at the same sun
descending into a sea of golden clouds

countless times in space and time
wondering who I will be
how I will feel
and what I will contemplate

when these memories have faded
nightmares have been broken
worries have turned to thin air

I hope there will be
brighter versions of me
carried away in the sun light
thousands of years from now

Random Thoughts 10.14.2015

I think I’m under a love spell
I’ve been in the mood
to write love poems.
On the way to work
this morning I heard
on Classical KDFC
Serenade:The Love Album
performed by Anne Akiko Meyers.
More love for me to love!
(The music is so beautiful
and elegant, by the way).
Aren’t we all condemned by Zeus
to spend our lives in search
of our other halves after all?
Love must be in the air
and you must feel it, too.

Random Thoughts 10.08.2015

Bob threw out the question
during our trip to Denver
what I miss most about Vietnam
and I responded right away
Vietnamese language

I love my mother tongue
I have loved it since
the day I was born
My mother tongue
four thousand years of joy and sorrow
crying and laughing thru the ups and downs
My mother tongue
the language of my soul
the language of my heart
the language of my mind

I can never stop loving a language
that sounds like singing when it is spoken;
its intonation and music
make it intrinsically poetic;
and remember to stress the right accent
when conversing
otherwise yêu (love) will turn to yếu (feeble)

I hope my words don’t buffet you but rather
serve as a buffet of ideas

*words in italics are lyrics from the song “Tình ca tiếng nước tôi” (“A love song of my mother tongue”) composed by the talented late musician Phạm Duy.

Random Thoughts 09.30.2015

It was drizzling today
and I’m told a strong El Nino
is predicted to hit California
late this Fall and into early Winter.
The many melodies about the Fall in Hanoi
still linger in my mind

Are you the Autumn in Hanoi
I have been looking for
deep into my grey years?
Are you the Autumn in Hanoi
I’ll be back to a thousand years later
hanging on to your shadow?

The question suddenly arises
Can one go back in time
to witness the birth of oneself?
Can one go back in time
to write a birth celebration poem
for oneself?

Goodbye September,
my birthday month.

*words in italics are lyrics from the song “Có phải em mùa thu Hà Nội”