After the Circus – by Patrick Modiano

Modiano never disappoints. In just under 200 pages, his sparse, dreamy and elegiac prose lured us into a suspenseful atmosphere with mysterious characters who delved into the past reminiscing of a love stopped short.

At times I wonder what 18 year old young man would be so naive to allow himself to become entangled in such a circle of friends which led him into darkness. But who knows, Paris in the 60s was a different time, the young man’s identity was not fully developed, and he was blindly in love.

“The more I walked, the more I felt as if I was in a foreign city and becoming someone else. What I had Iived through in my childhood and the few years following, up to my meeting with Gisele, gently peeled off of me in strips, dissolved; now and then, I even made a small effort to retain a few scraps before they vanished into thin air”

Translated from the French by Mark Polizzotti
Published in English by Yale University Press in 2015. Originally published as Une cirque passe in 1992.

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