Bonjour Tristesse – by Francoise Sagan

Considering Francoise Sagan wrote this novella when she was 18 years old, she was such a talent. The book is only 130 pages long, but the characters were well developed and the story was so captivating. Her sharp observation and analysis of the emotions and psychology of men and women are admiring.

There’s no pretentious discussion about philosophy and politics in this book, but feelings and thoughts of a somewhat vulnerable 17-year-old carefree and coming-of-age girl during a summer at an exotic beach.I love the father-daughter relationship in this book. He adored her, he took her out with him at night, he treated her like an adult, and they understood each other. In fact, she understood her father too well.

Even though the father may exert bad influence on his daughter in a way, especially judged from a 21st century viewpoint, I love their relationship.

Bonjour Tristess was first published in France in 1954.

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