A Poem for My Mother 2018


Another Mother’s day
And I thought I would run out
of things to say to you
then I realized words
can never fully express my affections,
my love, and my gratitude for you.

You’re always there for me
listening to all my happiness,
my whining, and my complaints.

As I grow and better myself
exploring a new career path
learning a new philosophy
we exchange thoughts,
share plans and ideas.

I’m so happy you’re on the journey with me
navigating all the paths and detours
celebrating all the milestones

I hope I will give you
the dream home we’ve been dreaming of
filled with pure thoughts and enlightened words
detached from impurities
that are abundant in life

You’re the most beautiful flower of all flowers
the brightest sun of all suns
the sweetest word of all words
the purest drop of morning dew

Happy mother’s day
To my mom and all the mothers
Of the past, the present, and the future

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