Are You Still the Same?

for my “LL” group

Taking a stroll down memory lane
Are your voices still as sweet
Are your hairs still as lustrous
Are the waves still as soothing
Are you still the same?

Are you still the same?
The fun we had playing game
during Tết dinner party;
The shocked reaction you took when I crushed
your sand castle at Vung Tau beach;
The day you asked me when I would come
back and all you heard was
but a moment of silence
while the fragrance of plumeria
was overwhelming in the air

Are you still the same?
Despite an ocean and over a decade away
Despite the dreams lost or materialized
Will you remain the same for me
when I come back home?


I was inspired to write this poem after listening non-stop to this song:

Em Van Nhu Ngay Xua


  1. Hi Temy, glad that you are back writing/ blogging. How are you doing? That’s a beautiful and great poem you have shared. Yes, sometines we do miss our friends who are so far away… yet, I’m sure close to our hearts. Lovely to have you visit and appreciate it! Take care and Happy CNY! 🙂 🌷

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    1. Hi Iris, thanks so much for your kind comment about this poem, but honestly I was surprised. I wrote it in Nov last year, but was not pleased with it. I wanted to express my feelings in a different way with unconventional imageries in the first stanza, but I couldn’t. I read it again several days ago and was still not able to edit it better, so decided i would just post it! 😃

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      1. Yes, sometimes others read it differently and enjoy your poem… you conveyed a meaningful message. Glad to hear from you and my pleasure to comment! Thanks too for your good wishes, Temy. Be encouraged and keep posting! 👍 😃 Much love.

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