Valentine’s Day 2016

Pink Roses

for SG

If the mind is the vastest
It can’t be vaster than your patience with me
If the soul is the deepest
It can’t be deeper than your love for me

I thought no one’s love
would be as unconditional
and exquisite as my mother’s love
but you have refuted it

The air is filled with your love
whenever we are apart
I reach out and touch the essence of it
and you’re there for me

You’ve said you’re happy with me
in this life and next
And I would like to see
us being enlightened

Seeing our true selves
beyond words and material world
will be the grandest and holiest
accomplishment of our love thru time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Meanings of Life

The grey clouds weigh on me
from the sky and gloom over
the Bay Area

A cloudy day bends thoughts
and twists viewpoints
into the cynical

I need to be reinforced
life is beautiful and meaningful
as long as I endow meanings to it

Be it a good cause
an intellectual achievement
an indestructible love…

So long as I strive for it
Chase it
Live with it

More than one time I thought
I had caught it in my palm
but then it slipped away by the tail

and disappeared into the fog…
and the journey goes on
just like that

Until I seize the moment
and see life in its
full spectrum of colors

What a wonderful world!

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! 🙂