Random Thoughts 1.17.2016

The green has come back to the park
thanks to the rains during the month
But it’s still as dry
as a dream having been conceived
but which has not yet been born

The frenzied ticket purchase
of the Mega Millions lottery is over
The fantasies of spending the $1.5 billion jackpot
have died but the possibilities
brought short-lived dreams
to millions of people
over the past several days

Would you rather dream
ephemeral dreams
Or live your life dreamless
for the rest of your life?

Life is but a dream after all
no matter what dream it is
isn’t it?

Jan 1st 2016

The New Year’s day
Is filled with fireworks
Rainbow lights and confetti
Meeting old friends and warm wishes

The ghosts of the past
Are fortunately far away
Yet the ghosts of the future
Miserably keep haunting me

Where are my new year’s resolutions?
Where are my colorful dreams?
Long gone are the days
I thought I could control my body

Let them explode –
Thoughts about old age and sickness
Let them transform into new kinds 
Of energy and dreams for me.

Happy New Year 2016!