Random Thoughts 10.22.2015

I lowered the window and
caught the last light of the day

The Autumn wind was caressing
my skin as I gazed at the sun
cascading into the night painting
the sky in orange and purple hues

While my heart beat arrythmically
the physical time steadily ticked
forward but my psychological time
kept slipping away!

Since they say future time is
potentially infinite I envision
staring at the same sun
descending into a sea of golden clouds

countless times in space and time
wondering who I will be
how I will feel
and what I will contemplate

when these memories have faded
nightmares have been broken
worries have turned to thin air

I hope there will be
brighter versions of me
carried away in the sun light
thousands of years from now

The Birth of an Ox

I was born between the seventh heaven
and the night
My homeland was engulfed in flames
and clouds of smoke

The green rice fields were watered with blood
The fruitful lands were soaked with tears
And love was torn
between the South and the North

As I was playing in the cradle
pain free and lighthearted
pains poured down
on everybody’s hearts
like a heavy summer rain

The tears I shed intertwined
with the tears of the mothers
longing for their sons to come home
from the battlefields

I was born on a beautiful early
Autumn day
Looking up
I saw drifting clouds in an S-shaped dragon
soaring into the vast blue sky

*The Ox is among the 12 animals in the Vietnamese zodiac
**Vietnam is roughly S shaped when viewed on a map

Random Thoughts 10.14.2015

I think I’m under a love spell
I’ve been in the mood
to write love poems.
On the way to work
this morning I heard
on Classical KDFC
Serenade:The Love Album
performed by Anne Akiko Meyers.
More love for me to love!
(The music is so beautiful
and elegant, by the way).
Aren’t we all condemned by Zeus
to spend our lives in search
of our other halves after all?
Love must be in the air
and you must feel it, too.

A Song of Love

You catch the tears from my eyes
and turn them into beautiful flowers

Picking up scattered pieces
of my broken heart
you build a heart-shaped crystal
sparkling in my palm

You spark the thoughts
flashing in my brain
and ignite a coup de foudre

You sing the song
springing in my joyful heart

Drink the smiles
anchored on my lips

Kiss the bliss
radiating from my eyes

we travel to the moon and Mars
and plant the seeds of love

You and I are life

The Moon

The moon
who is lovingly personified as
bà Nguyệt (lady Nguyệt) or
chị Hằng (sister Hằng) in Vietnamese

having its etymology
in the Sino Vietnamese word Hằng Nga
who is the Moon Goddess in Chinese mythology.

By any name, it would be as intriguing
to generations of poets, writers, musicians
and children

and you
who have whispered in the blood moon night
“You are the moon,
the moon beams,
the moon cake”.

Sooner or later
space tourists will get a ride
to the lunar orbit

Even then
bà Nguyệt will continue to tie
the pink thread binding
my heart to your heart.