Random Thoughts 09.25.2015

We went looking for a wedding card
and stumbled upon this one which portrays
a couple sitting by the Eiffel tower
and which is inscribed “Eiffel deeply in love with you”
which I thought so cute
I have looked for myself in poetry
and found Pollock’s drip paintings
paint the cobwebs inside my brain

Denver, Colorado Sept. 2015


  1. Hi Temy, 🙂
    I, on the other hand, found your poetry to be generously spacious, and refreshing in colours .
    Some of Pollock’s works seem compacted and dark, which I found them to be an effect to enjoy 🙂 .

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    1. Hi phibi, thanks for taking time to comment, and for your generous compliment on my poems! 🙂
      I’m glad you like Pollock’s as well. I like the patterns and his colors which somehow deliver a depth to his paintings and satisfy my thirst for meaning.
      The last poem of yours that you posted is very personal, that is if it is a real story. I bet it was hard for you to make up your mind to publish it?

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      1. My previous piece about my boy . 🙂 Yes Temy , there was some procrastinations , some hesitations . Yes, it can be too personal 🙂 as it has layers of proudness, sadness, plenty of guilts and an urge to engrave the moment and the feeling in a timeless module . At least these will be memories that I can turn to someday , when Alzheimer finally feasted away my mind . 🙂


        1. That was very brave of you to have published it. I also have a piece that is very personal in which I drained out my feelings. It was real hard for me to decide to post it. It turned out that poem is the most touching according to some people.

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          1. Sometimes I want to write like no one is reading . (I’ve once read somewhere and can’t remember who actually said something to that affects 🙂 … ) The world is a stage and everyone has a part to play. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to display personal emotions.

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            1. Well, you have two options: write them down and do not post them and only send them to your confidant(s) 🙂 or be as daring as other writers, bleeding out their feelings and exposing their personal problems, family issues, father and son relationship (as you did a bit). Speaking of which, Ocean Vuong came to mind. Have you read him? I can’t wait to see his debut full-length collection going to be released in 2016.
              BTW, have you heard of Full Moon Social over at the blog Translation from the English? I was trying to translate the poem “Ngủ Với trăng” by Han Mac Tu but it turned out terrible. Will see if i can write something myself 🙂

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              1. Thanks Temy, I haven’t read Ocean Vuong before . I will now 🙂 . Haven’t heard of Full Moon Social as well 🙂 . I found it easier to write something in dual languages than to translate


                1. Hopefully you’ll enjoy Ocean Vuong’s, and mine as well hi hi since I decided I would post my translation/ adaptation because I have put a lot of effort in it, and also a piece of my own, for fun 🙂

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