We Will Be Free

Because I need to go to work
for a living I get up
and change every day
a bit of me’s dying the way
we get closer to death
as time goes by

Because you were old and
socially revered I stayed
and endured your immoral behavior
the days red flamboyants
rushed Summers to come
my dreams were enormous and I
was not yet hunted by my fury
my unfathomable submission
to the devil-turned grandfather

The universe is vast
and I’m so small
I must have been traveling
very long on this journey
so that I’m here
and you’re now with me

I wish I could be integrated
into the universe
I would be the words
for you to utter a powerful No

I would be the light
to rescue you from swallowing
the darkness in a brothel
in Thailand or Cambodia

I would be your impregnability
to defend you against the rapists
in a Uber taxi
or on a public bus

I would be the soothing music
to heal your souls

I would be the beautiful flowers
to put smiles on your faces

I would be
I would be

And we will be free
We will be free


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