1. Reading this only once, I instantly thought of one person. You have managed to capture an entire person ( the kind of person most people have in their lives) in only 11 short lines … well done! 🙂


  2. i have several names

    Life-Force Dragon
    Captain of the Wild Heart
    Manjag 437 ~ Metamystic Metaphysician
    Equipoi Zhi ~ Keeper of the Balance
    Fusion-Fire Dancer of Starforge
    Azeral Aranath ~ Astronavigator of the Seventh Sacred Ship
    Cahya ~ Sylchie (merfolk)
    Jydur ~ Eleventh Level Servant/Defender of the Lady
    Bluzare E’Kylar ~ Artificer and Strange Matter Ferrier in the service of the Archons of Light and Dark
    Xenji ~ Trickster and Fool
    Chygon ~ the Dark and Stormy Knight
    Chyfrin ~ Keeper of the Secret

    what are your names?


        1. Hi chyfrin the Celtic poet,
          Viewing the poem from your perspective with a twist, the initial name that sprang to mind when reading your comment was Ocean Vuong, then Charles Bukowski, Kafka – the metamorphosis,….


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