Something to Remember Me by

I want to stir-fry my words
and scramble my poems
to make breakfast for you.
My verses will flow in your stomach
filling you up with my affection
which is abundant.
My prose will be transmitted
throughout your body
from head to toe
from your mind
to your heart
to your soul.

Something to remember me by,
isn’t that so?

Oct. 2010

Today I

Today I re-read Nikki Giovanni’s Love Poems. Springing to mind is the beautiful apartment looking out to the mountain, where we spent countless Sunday mornings reading her poems together. In bed. Years ago.
The sun was twinkling thru the blinds. The verses were dancing in our minds. We were mesmerized by the loves portrayed in the book, and the new love that we shared. They intertwined. As if she was writing about us.
Like the white waves in the ocean, rising and falling now and then, but never out of sight, the ravishing moments that we experienced are forever floating in the deep ocean of our reminiscences.

* Today I is the prompt I got from Poets & Writers


I call your name in my hungry heart
I call your name
from the darkest and deepest place in my soul
I call your name
to soothe the pain of missing you
Are you the one?

Are you the one
who’s calling me
from the far away
Are you the one
whose voice echos
all over the snow-covered mountain top
Whose whisper
traveling in the air
scented with the sweet aroma
of the pure white,
pale pink cherry blossoms
in the front yard
comes landing
softly and fragrantly
by my ear

Are you the one
who’ll call my name
for years
or decades
or centuries
till the end of time

Are you the one?

Feb.21, 2011

I Saw a Tree in My Dream

I saw a tree in my dream
It was happy in bloom
The leaves were dancing in the breeze
The flowers wearing a passionate magenta
showered me with a sweet aroma

I blinked

All the flowers were scattering in the air
A storm swept through
stripping off all the leaves
leaving nothing
but a skeleton in its wake

I woke up

Life is so short
and transient

So I thought

Love #5

The world vapored
All life burdens were thin air
All worries vanished
No more question
To live or not to live
Just you and me
In love


Somehow these verses came to my mind in Vietnamese at the same time, without translation of course. It had never occurred to me earlier, even though I wrote poems in Vietnamese before.
Here you go, the Vietnamese version…


Thế giới bốc hơi
Mọi lo toan giờ chỉ là những làn sương mỏng
Không vướng víu
Đời đáng sống hay không đáng sống
Chỉ có tình yêu
và Em
Nhẹ nhàng như hơi thở

Tề My
Hè 2015