Love #4

Funeral Heart - Claes Oldenburg - 1961
Funeral Heart – Claes Oldenburg – 1961

If love was nothing
But long walks together in the parks
Forgive me I left
If love was nothing
But writing poems to each other
Forgive me I left
If love was nothing
But simply
Spending time together
Forgive me
I left

*This is an edited version of an old poem I wrote in 2010.


It’s shining on the diamond ring
It’s crying in my Solitude
It’s pretty in the Blue dress
It’s expressing in Red

The crow’s feet in your smiles
The falling leaves in the Autumn
The drought in your body
The stent in your artery

It’s traveling with the Tardis
It’s treasured in Croce’s bottle
It’s rejected in Einstein’s theory
It’s warped by gravity

The biggest constraint in our lives
The one and only
one way path
How are we going to pass
the Time?


Interactions of brain cells in the brain
Thoughts and their power
They teleport you to places
They control your feelings
And make you happy
Or drive you mad

Like streaks of crystal sunlight
Shining thru the clouds
Rare flashes of thought
That you need to catch right away
Never let them fade away

They come in waves
They sneak into your dreams
And take you on
unexpected paths

Thoughts about life
Thoughts about death
Thoughts that will elevate
your current life
or land you a better
spot in your next?

Ever thought of controlling
your thoughts?