Ave Maria in the Rain

I was driving home the other day and listening to Classical KDFC. They were playing Ave Maria. The music was soothing and the rain was pouring outside. Can you imagine it, driving in the rain and listening to the relaxing Ave Maria by Franz Schubert? Life can’t be better than that, can it? And it was raining, in California! Earlier in the day, everyone in my office stood up at their cubicles or went close to the windows, looking out to the falling rains. That how rare it is that it rains in California!
So I was driving home and listening to Ave Maria in the rain. I was so into the moment I just wanted to keep driving and driving. Have you ever experienced it, that you are driving, alone in your car, and the radio is playing some beautiful music. Outside is the yellow mountain, the green trees along the freeway, the blue sky up high, and the white clouds floating above. It is very quiet all around, no disturbances, no pressure, no worries; just you and the music and your thinking. And the nature! You observe everything and think to yourself, life is so beautiful! You wish you could keep going and the journey would never end.

As does everything else in life, the journey MUST end. Sooner or later, you will take that exit, the exit that you take every single day, that you will never miss even when your mind is preoccupied, to get home, home sweet home.


  1. I’m glad you liked this post of mine, Iris! 😁 I’m doing ok, trying to get back to writing (for fun) and getting ready for the busy holiday season. How have you been doing? Hope all is well with you, too 💕😊


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