A Poem for My Mother 2015


You’re always there
like the sun coming out of the clouds
you brighten up
the cloudy gloomy days

Your garden is blooming
with red, pink, white, yellow
flowers as beautiful as your true colors

Your thoughtful poems
as powerful as your will
as pure as your soul
as sweet as your smiles
warmed up those dark,
cold Winter days in Texas

You’re always there
When I cry
When I struggle
When I’m happy
When I’m in love

No one’s love
is as profound,
and exquisite
as your love for me
for us
for your people
for the world

I’d rather have you
than those fabulous Monet
paintings we both love
Oh wait
I prefer to have both
But if I have to choose
I’d choose you
my Mother 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day
to my Mom
and all the Mothers
of the past, the present, and the future.


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