Oahu Vacation – Part 2: Waterfalls

Hawaiian waterfalls are dubbed little secret gems of the islands. There are many falls all over Hawaii but only a few of them are accessible, of which we have been to two.

Manoa Falls on the East side of Oahu is the tallest at 150 feet high. The region gets the most rainfall during the year thus the trail leading to the falls is muddy and the rocks are slippery. However the rainforest has beautiful bamboo tree groves and a few interesting natural settings. Once you hike to the mountain peak, the view is breath-taking. The waterfall is full of life and picturesque.

Manoa Falls
Manoa Falls
on the way to Manoa Falls
on the way to Manoa Falls

Waimea Falls located in the Waimea valley in the North Shore is more developed. The road to the falls is paved and there is a beautiful botanical garden along the way. The garden has name tags and explanations of its many exotic plants and flowers. The falls cascade down into a pool that is safe to swim in. There is a changing room nearby and lifeguards on duty.

Waimea Falls
Waimea Falls
Waimea Falls
Waimea Falls

Hiking the rainforest is a unique experience. The weather is a bit humid and cool which is very much to our liking compared to the dry weather in California. The air is so fresh. The forest is so green and pristine. It calms you down. It purifies your soul. It energizes you.
It is truly enjoyable taking a break from Waikiki.

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